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Staff Picks!

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Staff Picks!

Every day new pottery pieces emerge and become something beautiful in the hands of the Nozomi Project staff. Each week we're sharing with you an inside look at the items that our staff are excited about and feature the current favorite piece of one of our staff. This week Naomi picked some beautiful pieces for you! 

"The first Nozomi Project gift that I got for my mother was a Kumamoto bracelet. She loved the lapis stones and it made me so happy to see how much she enjoyed it.  All of Nozomi's creations bring joy and a smile to peoples' faces. If you aren't sure what kind of gift to get for someone, you can always find something beautiful in one of our collections."  - Naomi

The great thing about the Kumamoto pieces is that half of their proceeds goes towards supporting earthquake relief efforts in Kumamoto prefecture.  These are available for a little time. 

We're able to send a message of joy to the people there through these Kumamoto collections.


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Today's Featured Items: 

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  • Nov 18, 2016

    Hi, do you still have stock for kumamoto bracelet?

    — Maria

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