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What can happen when women work together

As we approach celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Nozomi Project this month, we want to highlight the skill and artistry that our Nozomi team has developed. We couldn't be more proud of how this team of women have worked hard to create some of the finest pieces of pottery jewelry in the world. 

The heart of our Nozomi workshop is the grinding room.  This is where the pottery is cut, ground rough, then finely ground to perfection. Our team of seven are creative and seek to make the most beautiful items possible. 

Our Sara hook earrings have remained our best-selling collection. We've made over 7000 earrings! And they just get better and better. This morning we had a new set of earrings ready to go online, and look at these beauties! It's the first time in my memory that we have seen heart-shaped earrings (not in a frame). The skill! the beauty! This month we celebrate the craftsmanship that can happen when women work together. (Get them while they are still here!) 



Come Tour the Nozomi Project!

We love every single visitor and customer who comes through our doors.  But we know that visiting us in person in Ishinomaki is not a reality for many of you.  So we've made a short, one minute video that gives you a unique glimpse into daily life at the Nozomi Project.  We are quite sure it will make you smile.  

If you are one of our Nozomi friends who has had a chance to visit the Nozomi Project in person, please share with us - what stood out to you the most?  We all want to hear from  you!

Impressions from Hawaii

 Chiemi is our head grinder.  She and two of our Nozomi staff had the wonderful chance to travel to Hawaii for five days and share about the Nozomi Project as well as sell our products.  Here are a few of her reflections:





The experience I had through the Hawaii trip is something that was truly valuable. So it’s still a little difficult for me to express what I felt in a way that can be shared. I was able to think about how Nozomi can be in the future, how we can move forward to make that happen, and how I should be as well.

“Beauty from Brokenness.” Just as the phrase describes, I have many broken pieces within me. I hope that I can grow with Nozomi, changing each piece into beauty. I want to thank all the Nozomi members, people around me that supported me, and my family for allowing me to go have this amazing experience. 

Thank you very much!