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We were thrilled to have an awesome male computer team from Liferay (based in Diamond Bar, CA) come and work for a week with us in Ishinomaki.  As they each had different chances to do some shopping at Nozomi, it was fun to see them (independently) choose necklaces for themselves.  Don't they look awesome?  Many forget that we have some great options for men - check out our Ayaka line here and fine your own favorite!


Special Drawing for Cyber Monday and Fair Trade Tuesday!

Nozomi Project Flash Sale!
**Cyber Monday and Fair Trade Tuesday**
Starting right now!
All customers who place an order on the website of the Nozomi Project or our sister organization Megumi Project until Tuesday night will be entered in a drawing to receive one of our amazing new Daiki keychains or Shiori bookmarks. We will be giving away one of each. Enjoy Christmas shopping that makes a difference!
(Flash sale starts now and ends Tuesday (12/2/14) midnight, EST)


Shiori Bookmarks

Searching for a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift? Hard-to-please parent or spouse? Unique teacher appreciation gift? An elegant thank you gift for a pastor, boss, or coworker? The perfect graduation gift? Our newest collection is sure to become a treasured possession to every book lover!  Our silver bookmark will not only keep your place in your favorite book, but it will serve as a constant reminder of hope, and the process of beauty emerging from brokenness.


Our Daiki Keychain limited collection is here!

We are so excited about our latest product!

Our striking unisex silver framed keychain will delight even the most difficult person on your shopping list! These one-of-a kind keychains are elegant and simple, serving as a beautiful daily reminder of the Nozomi message of hope and resilience.  

Our signature keychain is named after one of our favorite boys in the world.  Daiki, an energetic sixth grader with autism, is an awesome dancer whose cheerful welcome brings sunshine anywhere he goes.  His mom is one of the skilled necklace makers at the Nozomi Project, and her resilience in light of many challenges these past four years serves as a beautiful example to all of us.




Click here to view our limited collection.  


Explore one of our all-time favorite styles, the Kikuko necklace!  We have uploaded lots of beautiful pieces - perfect for your holiday shopping!

Named after a dear Ishinomaki friend who has been a grandma, friend, helper, and chef for many of us. Kikuko works by the sea, mending fishing nets. When she first learned how to make this necklace, her net-mending skills proved helpful as she deftly tied each knot between every bead.

Smooth semi-precious stone beads are hand-knotted by the Nozomi women to create this elegant necklace. One-of-a-kind pottery shard. Silver toggle clasp. Most necklaces are 18”L.




That Perfect Gift...Love my Nozomi!

Nozomi Project:  In search of the perfect gift?

Your search is over!

There is only one group of women fit for the job.

Special Agent Yuko and 15 others.

Jewelry Artisans.

From brokenness

to beauty.

When you need that perfect gift.

Find your favorites:


Every woman loves something beautiful.

Worldwide shipping $3.

Love my Nozomi!


A Love Story About An Unlikely Match

Watch our latest one minute video!

Nozomi Project:

Broken pottery... Needing to be repurposed by...a group of women in Ishionmaki

Finding dignity and hope.... Sending it to the world

From brokenness..... to beauty



Ring in some Hope....

We LOVE the new Risa rings.  Our grinding staff have found the perfect small broken pottery, cut them,  and ground them down to fit perfectly in the sterling silver bezel.  We are carrying three sizes - 6, 7, and 8 inch rings.  Click on any image to find the actual product for sale right now!



First steps....

One of the challenges of making jewelry out of "journeyed" broken pottery is just the process of getting it ready to be cut.  Thankfully, we have a shed and part of a tent full of pottery that volunteers have collected since the tsunami.  But it is all dirty and unsorted.  
We have a staff member who works hard -- outside most of the time -- in getting the shards and pottery ready to be made into jewelry.  She washes it, sorts it, and cuts it into suitable-sized pieces to be ready for the grinding room.
Take a look at the beautiful shards on our Rumi sterling silver chain. We are sure you will love the delicate pieces that have been specially washed, sorted, cut, and ground in preparation for being worn by someone like you!