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White Day - Day for Reciprocating

Have you ever heard of White Day? It's a holiday celebrated in Japan and it's all about reciprocating the gifts you received on Valentine's Day. Isn't that fun?

Unlike the western notion of February 14, in Japan primarily women give chocolate gifts to men. So March 14 is the day for returning the favor. On White day, men buy a gift for the women who gave them chocolate. Originally this was some kind of marshmallow treat, or white chocolate (hence the name "White Day"), but now anything goes.

Nozomi Project is honoring this day of giving by marking down four of our favorite lines of jewelry! So Guys, here is your chance to follow the Japanese custom of White Day and enjoy purchasing beautiful gifts for the women in your life! Women, you can take advantage of White Day as well by using this campaign as a chance to find great gifts for others and yourself. White Day gives one more great reason to love Beauty from Brokenness.  


Iyori Stud Earrings: $24
Daiki Keychains: $24
Shiori Bookmarks: $24
Risa Ring: $30

Our friend and popular author and vlogger, Grace Buchele Mineta, has featured Nozomi Project in a recent vlog and explained the Japanese giving culture around White Day. Check it out here.

Make sure to watch all the way until the end for a free shipping code you can use on your next purchase from Nozomi Project!

(White Day Sale starts 2/19, midnight EST, and ends 3/2, midnight EST.)

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