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Adventures on our Journey to Onagawa

Today our whole Nozomi team (minus one staff member with a sick daughter) travelled by train on a very cold day to visit our sister organization, Megumi Project, in their beautiful new space in Onagawa.  

Isn't our Nozomi mascot too cute?

We love Megumi Project's new place in the Promenade!  It is beautiful space, with amazing repurposed kimono products as well as lovely items from other Onagawa vendors.

We loved seeing the photo of our co-worker, Lora, on the front door!  

We split into two groups, enjoying lunch at an italian restaurant nearby.

Unfortunately, we missed the once-an-hour-or-so train back, and so had to call two of our Be One team to come and pick us up!  The wait gave us a few last minutes to enjoy Onagawa...and being together.

Love our Nozomi women, and the work and the beautiful presence of the Megumi Project in Onagawa!


Inhouse Models!

We have LOVED featuring our own staff this past week as our favorite models on Facebook!  We teamed together with our sister organization, Megumi Project.  Each of the women wore a Megumi scarf with a Nozomi accessory.  Here are a few that we have featured so far.  Aren't they beautiful?

Our Nozomi Project manager looks beautiful every day, but wearing this chic silky scarf and peach earrings makes her shine.  Find YOUR best color, and earrings to match. (Customers who order from one of our online stores will receive a free shipping coupon to order from our partner store). 

 Emi - You don’t need to live in Japan to wear these stylish ribbon scarves.  Style it around your waist, wear it around your neck, or tied in your hair as a long headband, you will love the versatility and the style of these one-of-a-kind repurposed scarves.  Emi completes her beautiful outfit with a matching luminous necklace from our Noa collection. 


For the young at heart!  Ayako is sporting a playful Megumi Project ribbon scarf (click here to see other options) with matching sky blue Mio earrings (see the selection of earrings at Nozomi Project here).  Repurposed has never been so fun.

Beauty from Partnerships...

We are excited to introduce to you some new sets that we think you will love as much as we do!  We got together with Megumi Project, our sister organization, and pulled together some beautiful sets that were modeled by our combined staff.  The Megumi Project is newly established in the next town over - bringing hope and dignity to women in Onagawa as they remake beautiful vintage kimonos into scarves and other lovely accessories. Over the next ten days you will see some of the amazing results of scarves paired with some of the lovely accessories at Nozomi Project.  To make it easier to purchase from both of our organizations, we are setting up a discount code for those who purchase from one of our organizations to be able to receive free shipping from the other organization.  (You will receive your free discount code by email when you make a purchase from either organization).  We are displaying some of our favorite combinations - feel free to find your own!  Enjoy your shopping experience here, as well as at the Megumi Project.  

Congratulations to our Cyber Monday winners

We ran a two day campaign earlier this week for anyone who made a purchase on Cyber Monday or Fair Trade Tuesday on our site or our sister site, Megumi Project.  We are proud to announce our two winners:

Kim Galloway from Maryville, TN


John Miller from Quincy, IL

Kim is receiving a new Shiori Bookmark;  John has been sent one of our latest Daiki Keychains.  Woohoo!  We are rather sure you will both be pleased with your new gifts.  

Happy Early Christmas. Stay tuned for our next promotion!

Special Drawing for Cyber Monday and Fair Trade Tuesday!

Nozomi Project Flash Sale!
**Cyber Monday and Fair Trade Tuesday**
Starting right now!
All customers who place an order on the website of the Nozomi Project or our sister organization Megumi Project until Tuesday night will be entered in a drawing to receive one of our amazing new Daiki keychains or Shiori bookmarks. We will be giving away one of each. Enjoy Christmas shopping that makes a difference!
(Flash sale starts now and ends Tuesday (12/2/14) midnight, EST)


Internet Sales begin at Megumi Project!

Today is the day!  Check out our sister organization, the Megumi Project.  Their online sales have started today.  Located in the neighboring town of Onagawa, the Megumi Project is bringing dignity and hope to women by making gifts from vintage kimonos.  Find some wonderful gifts here - and one for yourself.  


Welcome to the internet, Megumi Project!

We are so excited that internet sales for our sister organization the Megumi Project are going to be up and running in a few weeks. In Onagawa, the next town over, these friends are making beautiful products out of repurposed kimonos. Megumi Project are making our beautiful kimono gift bags.  Start looking here at their one-of-a-kind scarves and other unique gifts:
Megumi Project.