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Adventures on our Journey to Onagawa

Today our whole Nozomi team (minus one staff member with a sick daughter) travelled by train on a very cold day to visit our sister organization, Megumi Project, in their beautiful new space in Onagawa.  

Isn't our Nozomi mascot too cute?

We love Megumi Project's new place in the Promenade!  It is beautiful space, with amazing repurposed kimono products as well as lovely items from other Onagawa vendors.

We loved seeing the photo of our co-worker, Lora, on the front door!  

We split into two groups, enjoying lunch at an italian restaurant nearby.

Unfortunately, we missed the once-an-hour-or-so train back, and so had to call two of our Be One team to come and pick us up!  The wait gave us a few last minutes to enjoy Onagawa...and being together.

Love our Nozomi women, and the work and the beautiful presence of the Megumi Project in Onagawa!


Internet Sales begin at Megumi Project!

Today is the day!  Check out our sister organization, the Megumi Project.  Their online sales have started today.  Located in the neighboring town of Onagawa, the Megumi Project is bringing dignity and hope to women by making gifts from vintage kimonos.  Find some wonderful gifts here - and one for yourself.  


Welcome to the internet, Megumi Project!

We are so excited that internet sales for our sister organization the Megumi Project are going to be up and running in a few weeks. In Onagawa, the next town over, these friends are making beautiful products out of repurposed kimonos. Megumi Project are making our beautiful kimono gift bags.  Start looking here at their one-of-a-kind scarves and other unique gifts:
Megumi Project.