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Special Leslie Collection

We are pleased to offer a special sale these next two weeks in honor of our Nozomi friend Leslie who passed away last year.  Leslie visited our Ishinomaki workshop in November, 2013, and was smitten with the project, the women, and the jewelry.  She and her friend Susan hosted a Nozomi Project party in Indianapolis, and one of our staff Ayami had a chance to participate (see photo below:  Leslie is in white; Susan in gray; Ayami is between them).  Her encouraging and loving spirit lives on, and we wanted to honor her with a special spring sale of her two favorite necklace collections.  

We are offering a 20% mark-down on our soft leather Nagi necklace to $24, and our beautiful hand-knotted Kikuko necklaces are an all-time low of $32.  Shop now while we have many lovely selections.  We are thankful for women like Leslie who have encouraged the Nozomi Project from various places around the world.