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Our Daiki Keychain limited collection is here!

We are so excited about our latest product!

Our striking unisex silver framed keychain will delight even the most difficult person on your shopping list! These one-of-a kind keychains are elegant and simple, serving as a beautiful daily reminder of the Nozomi message of hope and resilience.  

Our signature keychain is named after one of our favorite boys in the world.  Daiki, an energetic sixth grader with autism, is an awesome dancer whose cheerful welcome brings sunshine anywhere he goes.  His mom is one of the skilled necklace makers at the Nozomi Project, and her resilience in light of many challenges these past four years serves as a beautiful example to all of us.




Click here to view our limited collection.  

Blue IS beautiful!

We received the coolest gift this week at the Nozomi Project - matching blue shirts for all of the staff with our Nozomi logo on it!  Thank you so much to J & M  K .for the amazing, generous present.  We surprised the staff during our meeting on Thursday, and all of us went outside and took some photos.  We haven't had a staff photo in a LONG time... even though three of our members were not there it was still great to get who we could in a photo!



The last batch of staff photos we took on the play set next to the Nozomi house.  It was clearly the first time most of us have gone down a sliding board in a LONG LONG time.  But, like any good rite of passage, every staff HAD to do it, sore bums and all.  It felt so good to play for awhile....

 Somehow we would guess that adding some play to our lives... helps with creativity.  We love what our artisans are producing.  See some of their latest workmanship here.