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Happy Anniversary Sneak Peek!

Happy Anniversary Sneak Peek!

COMING on October 2!   (10/2 at 8 am Japan time; or 10/1at 7 pm EST).  Preferred customers:  10/1 8am Japan time, or 9/30 7 pm EST. Sign up on our home page for our mailing list to become a preferred shopper! 

With only thirty of each style, we are thrilled to release our 2016 Anniversary Necklace! These limited edition necklaces are wonderful representations of the incredible workmanship and growth of our Nozomi artisans these past four years. 

1) Our 2016 framed anniversary necklace is the largest framed pottery pendant we have ever made!  The size and delicate thinness makes each rectangular piece a work of art, with each pottery piece cut and ground and inserted with amazing precision. These bold and beautiful one-of-a-kind necklaces are sized at 47 x 25 x 3.7 mm. Antique gold pendants are 24 K gold-plated; antique silver pendants are .999 sterling silver plated.  These amazing pottery pendants are attached with a 6 mm textured jumpring to our favorite soft black or brown deerskin leather (note that we cannot switch leather colors).  A silver or gold-plated ornate bead allows your necklace to be adjustable up to 35 inches. $75. 


2) Our 2016 wire-wrapped anniversary necklace is intricately hand-wrapped by one our finest artisans with 20-26 gauge tarnish-resistant brass and/or silver wire. The stunning, one-of-a kind pendants are attached with soft black or brown deerskin leather (note that we cannot switch leather colors). A silver or gold-plated ornate bead allows your necklace to be adjustable up to 35 inches. (Please note: all wire will eventually tarnish, so we recommend that you keep your one-of-a-kind necklace in the enclosed ziploc bag when it's not being worn. Please handle your necklace carefully as the wire, while firm, can be bent.  For more information on care of your Nozomi necklace, please see our FAQ).   $65 & $75. 

 With this exclusive offer, your Nozomi purchase includes:

  • a $15 donation to Japan disaster relief.  We are currently supporting dire needs  including: Kumamoto (spring 2016 double earthquakes) and Iwate prefecture (fall 2016 typhoon and severe flooding). Please see our link on modeling generosity for updates and previous donations Nozomi Project has made to other needs in Japan and around the world.   
  • A handmade oyster shell jewelry dish is perfect for your favorite rings, earrings, or trinkets. In keeping with the ethos of Nozomi Project, we love the idea of up-cycling an item that is so common yet essential to the Ishinomaki community! Oysters are one of the main industries of our city, and this business has gradually been recovering since the 2011 tsunami. Each unique shell was collected at one of our local beaches, cleaned, bleached, and painted by our staff. We hope it serves as yet another reminder of hope and beauty!

  • A 2016 fall signed anniversary photograph of our Nozomi staff.  

Your gifts will come beautifully adorned in tissue paper, including our signature blue and white cards and all carefully bundled in a box to ensure its safe arrival.



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  • Mar 28, 2018

    I started following Nozomi Project for some time now but have only recently bought 2 small items. The date March 11 when the tsunami happened in 2011 is also my birthday. I am interested in the ornate pendants but the design I like seems to be sold out. When will there be new designs and sale again?

    — Molly Boey

  • Sep 30, 2016

    Wonderful job!
    Is it possible to buy from Brazil? How to procede?
    Thank you!

    — Connie Vedovello

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