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Staff Picks!

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Staff Picks!

Every day new pottery pieces emerge and become something beautiful in the hands of the Nozomi Project staff. Each week we're going to give you an inside look at the items they are excited about and feature the current favorite piece of one of our staff. This week Tomomi picked some beautiful pieces for you!


Sara earrings


I recommend the Sara pierced earrings! They have different shapes and designs and are so much fun to pick out. The blue colored ones are especially beautiful. Personally, I like the ones that have the single, small bead on them, but in thinking about different styles other people might enjoy, we've come up with designs that include larger, longer, or multiple beads. - Tomomi



Also, if you want to have the earrings changed to clip-ons, we can easily do that.



We have lots of Sara earrings available right now, so be sure to search for your own favorite! 


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Item list >>> 3-2569

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  • Sep 10, 2016

    I do not know how I ever got on without these beautiful Sara earring offerings!! I always must have them re-fitted for the non-pierced ears and as a ‘senior’, I now can ‘play’ too!!

    — Joyce T I always

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