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Special offer and chance to double-support Nozomi Project! のぞみプロジェクトをサポートしませんか

Today is the sixth birthday of Kousei, Yuri’s son who passed away in the tsunami (read more of Yuri and Kousei’s story here).  We want to remember him, bless his family, and find a way to bless other children in Ishinomaki.

For this next week, purchase a Moeka necklace on our website and receive $5 off.  One of our most popular lines, this necklace/bracelet was named after Kousei’s older sister Moeka.  She is now a 7th grader at a local Ishinomaki junior high school, and beautiful like the necklace named after her.  Fifty percent (50%!) of the proceeds of these necklaces will be put into the Nozomi Project Kousei Fund, which is money we are setting aside to build new playground equipment for children in this region.  Many parks were washed away and we want to help provide new, safe places to play.   

 (The necklace is marked down on the website to $40 for this special offer.  While supplies last; offer expires July 6, 2013).

To choose your Moeka, pleaseclick here.

 Also, please leave a message of blessing for Yuri, Moeka and her family on the NozomiFacebook pageor Nozomiwebsite blog.  We know this will encourage them!









Our staff worked hard the last few days to make a lot of Moeka for this special offer!

Aren't they beautiful?  The necklace version....


The bracelet version...

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  • Oct 07, 2013

    バーバリーのマフラーは、素材としては上記のように、カシミア・ウールという種類になります。 バーバリー マフラーバーバリーアウトレット.html

    — バーバリー マフラー

  • Jul 21, 2013
    What a wonderful idea! The HOPE and light in the darkness that this project lends itself to is worthy of so much more than the $$ donations. In the aftermath of the tsunami; I, too was moved to help in some way. For me it was karaoke….Wahiawa Kokua (help)for Japan was a Karaoke/ Dinner Fundraiser where our community vendors pooled their resources and supplied their products (fish, tofu, pineapples, vegetables etc.) and the local restaurant provided their dining hall and kitchen to create a dinner meal, and I pooled together friends of mine who have been contest winners and grand champions who have made trips to Japan to compete in contests in Tokyo and the Hanayagi Dance Hawaii Academy of which I am a student; to provide an evening of entertainment. 100% of the $50.00 donations for the event as well as donations by businesses and residents of the community generated $30,000 for the first event. So successful and appealing to the community was this event that they asked for more. The second Karaoke/dinner event generated $18,000. We have specifically focused our fundraising for the sake of the children (Rainbow Kids). Groups of 20 intermediate school aged children who have been affected by the tsunami’s tragic chain of events are selected 2-3 times a year to make a trip to Hawaii for a week and treated to a week’s itinerary of fun and interaction. I’m thinking of possibly incorporating your products into our next event. I will keep in contact as plans stabilize on our side.

    — Sandy Enomoto-Endo

  • Jul 09, 2013

    Hello ladies of Nozomi project.

    I had lived about 5 years in Sendai City, and moved to Tokyo for my business before the disaster. Then I am in Fukuoka Prefecture now.

    When I had lived in Sendai, I had belonged to WSCS, it is a gospel music group, and we had gone to Ishinomaki to sing Christmas songs every end of the year. So I remember Shinomaki well and love there.

    I heard the project from Michiko , and read the stories of all of you. I was greatly touched .
    I worked in the fashion world for a long time、as a manager, a stylist, a visual designer, and a publicist.
    If you have anything I can help you, for example, management, designe, good way to get not expence and nice material for jewelry, please email me.
    I am always on your side.

    All the best, Kayoko

    — Kayoko shinabara

  • Jun 29, 2013

    Good work Nozomi Project Ladies!! Beautiful!

    Yuri, we love you so much! Your strength amazes us! You inspire so many women who have gone through difficulties because they see how you carry through. You are a loving mother and YOU are the wife of Proverbs 31:10-31 and I am so blessed to know you. Love sent from California.


    — Lisa Nakkim

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