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Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

We are excited by the signs of spring we see as the cold thaw of winter in Ishinomaki is slowly disappearing. We see it in the beautiful pendants emerging from the grinding room, like our sakura (cherry blossom) collection over the past month (there are still some great pieces on our website!), and the adorable strawberry accessories and other fruit that have come out. (Look for our pear and cherry necklaces out this next week!)

In our staff meeting this week, we went out in pairs to find signs of spring in our town. I love the creativity of our staff and some of the harbingers that were seen!

Of course, since we are in Japan, the quintessential cherry blossom is a favorite:

We also loved the photo that two staff brought back of the budding peach tree that was donated to our nearby elementary school by the Nozomi Project:

One team found a honeybee, busy at work.

Two creative staff went to the grocery store and found these great signs of spring - do you know what it is? The first correct answer on either Facebook or comment sent to our nozomitohoku@gmail.com (based on time stamp to determine winner) will get a coupon for 20% off any one Nozomi item!

And our final photo of spring - a vending machine! We know that spring has come when all of the drink options are cold. No more warm coffees, at least not at this machine.  

We are glad that spring is in the air!

Here's a sneak peak of a sakura necklace coming next week:

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