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Why I love our Heirloom Ornaments

Why I love our Heirloom Ornaments

Three years ago, a trip to Cambodia (followed by two more that year!) started us on a journey that has changed the trajectory of our social enterprise.

Our time across the ocean brought perspective to my Nozomi team and me. We saw fifteen-year old girls working six days a week in sweaty factories. We met young, vulnerable women in the sex industry who didn't know how to get out. And we partnered with a great organization that is both rescuing women like this as well as working with young children in the slums to help reach them before their options become too narrow.

Nozomi Project has been on a journey since then to ethically sourcing our supplies. Our Dara Collection and new Heirloom Ornaments reflect our desire to make and sell accessories and jewelry that will help, and not further trap, those around the world involved in the jewelry chain of production. 

Our Heirloom Ornaments are our latest hope-filled adventure: designing our own Christmas ornament and having it manufactured at an ethical factory! While the process has been challenging (we had to send back the first batch because of imperfections!), we are so proud of these beautiful pieces of workmanship. 

And there are many other good reasons for our pricing:

  • we are donating $15 with each sale to our partnering organization in Cambodia working with vulnerable women and children to give them a better future;
  • all of the pottery in these special gifts were from a batch of original 2011 pottery found in the wake of the tsunami;
  • the frames are custom designed and ethically made,
  • the ribbons are made from up-cycled kimono fabric by our sister organization Megumi Project (this was their last project before officially closing their doors).

Our goal this month is to donate at least $2000 to our partnering rescue center in Cambodia. Each purchase of an Heirloom Ornament gets us $15 closer to our goal, and helps provide livelihood for our Ishinomaki women. You may also wish to donate to Nozomi; all donations this month will go directly to make a difference in Cambodia! Give Nozomi; give hope!


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  • Mar 03, 2023

    Every year I buy one or two of your tree shaped Christmas ornaments that are green in color. I didn’t see any this year but wondered if maybe you have one that isn’t on the website. I miss my annual purchase!

    — Mary burlingame

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