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Ethically-Sourced Collections

Nozomi Project is thrilled to be producing ethically-sourced collections!

Nozomi has been on a journey these past two years of moving towards ethical sourcing for our products. Of course our business is ethically run, but we have not always been ble to find parts that we are sure are ethically sourced. We are pleased to ofer our Dara collection and our seasonal limited Heirloom Ornament collection!

Each piece is made with the same precision and craftsmanship as all Nozomi accessories, from pottery collected here in our Ishinomaki workshop. We have intentionally chosen organic, irregularly shaped pottery for our beautiful collections. Our jewelry parts are ethically sourced, and each Dara purchase is sent in a denim gift bag hand-made by vulnerable women in Cambodia and packaged plastic-free with recyclable paper products. Read our Impact page for further details.