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Core Value Spotlight #2: Collaboration

Core Value Spotlight #2: Collaboration

Core Value Series

Last week, we started our Core Value series - a series of posts about Nozomi's three Core Values of Transformation, Collaboration, and Blessing. We love that we get to share insights from a different staff member each week! This week, we're diving into Collaboration! 


Core Value #2: Collaboration

This is something we've valued from the very beginning. Inexperienced in start-ups in general, and jewelry enterprises in particular, we knew we wouldn't be able to do this alone.

We leaned heavily on our early Nozomi community for advice and expertise when we were getting started. You stepped up wonderfully, and our local staff also rallied around each other. 

This value has also remained strong in our team and community through the years. We have often proudly cited the fact that each product we send around the world has been worked on by at least 8 pairs of hands in-workshop. And we've seen huge Collaboration in the way our partner shops, partner events, and word-of-mouth recommendations have taken Nozomi to heights we never would've dreamed otherwise! 

We recently sat down with one of our jewelry artisans to hear her thoughts on Collaboration.

"Just as everyone works together to create a single accessory, I feel deeply that Nozomi itself has been created by everyone. 
"Although there are sometimes misunderstandings and miscommunications, I believe that Nozomi is a place where everyone can enjoy working together, and I would like to protect this important space.
"We will overcome difficulties by pooling our wisdom and working together, and we will continue to work with smiles on our faces."
-Hiromi, jewelry artisan


Isn't that wonderful? Join us for our final Core Value installment next week with Core Value #3: Blessing

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