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Core Value Spotlight #1: Transformation

Core Value Spotlight #1: Transformation

Core Value Series

Today, we're kicking off a series of posts about Nozomi's three Core Values!

Over the next few weeks, we'll spend time together considering the values of Transformation, Collaboration, and Blessing. We love that we get to share insights from a different staff member each week!

Core Value #1: Transformation

Nozomi's first core value of Transformation is seen in two main ways - our products and our people.

Our products have gone through a pretty obvious Transformation, from broken pottery to beautiful jewelry and accessories. And the quality of our products as a whole has also gone through a clear transformation! If you showed our current products to our team when we were just starting out, I'm sure we would have had a hard time believing we would ever get to this point!

However, personal Transformation can often be difficult to identify, especially if it's gradual or hard-won. But when we spoke with one of our grinding artisans recently, it's clear to see that she recognizes Transformation in her own attitude.

In the past, I was desperate to just master the techniques, happy to stop once I got to a certain level. Now, I am working hard to see how beautifully I can finish the work and improve my technique.
- Emi, grinding artisan

We love that she can see the Transformation we also see in her!

Join us next week as we explore Nozomi's Core Value #2: Collaboration.

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