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Core Value Spotlight #3: Blessing

Core Value Spotlight #3: Blessing

Core Value Series

We hope you've been following along in our Core Value series - a series of posts about Nozomi's three Core Values of Transformation, Collaboration, and Blessing. We love that we get to share insights from a different staff member each week! This week, we're diving into Blessing! 

Core Value #3: Blessing

As the Nozomi team, we have been so blessed by our community over the years. Our city of Ishinomaki has also been blessed by the numerous volunteers who helped out after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. We knew we wanted Blessing to be a central part of our DNA as a social enterprise; to continue that cycle of giving by paying it forward. 
We asked one of our artisans what the Blessing core value means to her. Here's what she said: 
"Before I joined Nozomi, when major events like earthquakes and wars happened, I wanted to do something, but I didn't know what to do except donate money....
"But now, as sales from the Sunflower Collection are used to help people in Ukraine, my thoughts and the thoughts of our customers are being shaped together through the products that Nozomi has created. This is something I could never have imagined from the past. It may be a small step, but hopefully it will lead to hope for someone."
-Tomomi, jewelry artisan
Beyond just the Sunflower Collection that Tomomi mentioned, Nozomi donates at least 20% of our profits each year to organizations around the world. 
And Blessing is about more than just money! Blessing is also about being close to people in their daily lives - listening to someone in need, sharing in a friend's joy, or delivering coffee to someone who's tired. Maybe there's a simple way you can be a Blessing to someone today. Keep your eyes peeled! 
This post concludes our Core Value series. Thanks for following along and for being part of the world-wide Nozomi community! 

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