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New Generation of Nozomi Partners

This morning, our staff Skyped with Amelia Powell.  She is our youngest Nozomi Partner!  At 16 years of age, Amelia decided to sell Nozomi products at local craft fairs for her school service project.  She enlisted the help of friends (and her mom!), and ordered products through our new Nozomi Waza-Waza Partner Program.  Our partners are able to make a percentage profit on their sales, as well as aiding in the cause of the Nozomi Project.

One of our hopes is to Skype periodically with our Nozomi partners, so that they can get a better sense of our staff and our staff can hear first-hand about sales in other places.  Honestly, our staff were shocked and impressed to hear that we had a 16-year old Nozomi Partner!  They all commented how cute she is. 

 When Amelia asked our staff what they would like her to tell customers that she meets when selling our products, one of our staff, Yuko, responded:  "We want people to know that it's not just one of us who makes a necklace, but we work together as a team."  Another staff, Mrs. E., shared, "when we make our jewelry, we put our hearts into each one that we work on!  We want to send our love across the world!"

Here is what Amelia had to say about being a Nozomi Partner:  "I wanted to be a Nozomi partner because led me to accomplish something that I never have before.  I saw the way that God turned brokenness into beauty by giving the Nozomi team hope and purpose.  I felt as if I, personally was making a difference by doing my part to share the love that God has shown to the women involved in the Nozomi project. It's such an amazingly creative and touching thing to see what this project does for women and to be able to see how the story stirs other people.  It's remarkable to see the jewelry in person and witness how much nurture and love goes into each beautiful creation.  Becoming a Nozomi partner connected me to something bigger than just who I am and where I live."

It was a wonderful experience to get to now Amelia, hear her impressions, and have her get to know us a little more. Thanks Powell family!    Find out here how you can be a Nozomi Partner!  

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  • Jan 15, 2016

    Dear Nancy, I don’t work for/with Nozomi Project (yet ;)), but from what I have read on the website, “partners” are limited in how much of one item they can buy, in order to “keep a balanced inventory for other Nozomi Project customers”. For the ornament, the webpage specifically limited these to 2 per style, so my guess is they sold out because of popularity (plus the price point was lower than most of the other products), not because of the “partner” system. I hope you were able to find something else for your Christmas shopping! Sincerely,

    — Sarah

  • Dec 10, 2015

    I wanted to buy two ornaments from you, but they were gone very fast. Is it because your “partners” who buy your items and resell them bought all of them before the rest of us could get in to your site? I am happy for your company, but I would hope this isn’t what is happening.
    Thank you.

    I will continue to support your cause when I can.

    — Nancy B

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