We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support! We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support!

What we're wearing these days....

In an effort to ensure maximum safety for our shard-grinding experts, we recently upgraded our goggles and masks. It is rather humorous to listen to them talking while they are grinding -- they sound a bit like deep sea divers under the water!

We never really know what shards our staff will find in a day's work. We have had pottery pieces with painted snakes, dancing dogs, naked ladies, unidentified blobs of something, and one of our favorites was the face of a pig.  

So we made the pig face into a Nagi necklace. And we have been playing a ばつgame for the past two months. Each week at our Tuesday staff meetings, we choose a word with the same meaning in Japanese or English. Whoever says that word during the week has to wear the necklace. Of course during one winter week we had the word to be "snow." One week we did the word "cold." This week the word is stomach or tummy, which is used in Japanese to say "I'm full" or "I'm hungry." We make sure to tell all the regulars what the word is, and then of course the goal is to try and trick people into saying the word....

Today we had two of our male support staff in at different times: Matthias to help with computers, and Eric helping with some supplies. Both of them said the word, and had the special "privilege" of wearing the necklace. 



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  • Jun 07, 2013

    God Bless all of you involved in this Nozomi Project. All of the jewelry are simply beautiful, it’s hard to choose. Do you by any chance make bracelets?

    — Harriet

  • Feb 27, 2013

    What fun you all have while working! I am so proud to see such bright, beautiful faces full of hope. - Praise God for the work you are doing and the hope you are bringing to many people. I look forward to following your project. <3
    Blessings from within Japan.

    — Laura H...

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