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 It was great fun yesterday to have a group of us representing the Nozomi Project at a local event created to help the various groups across our prefecture who are making and selling goods since the tsunami.  

Despite about 6 inches of snow that fell the night before, throughout the afternoon about eight of us were present from Nozomi.  There were a number of seminars on how to figure out your target customers and make appropriate goods, how to advertise, etc.  It was a great chance for Nozomi to sort of debut in the community.  Our manager Yuko S. did an awesome job representing our team!

About twenty five or so other groups were there, selling a variety of products from homemade soaps, scarves, Hawaiian-fabric handbags.... we shared a booth with the women who are making our kimono Bands of Love.  They are making other beautiful products out of repurposed kimonos.

What I loved the most about the whole event was the joy that our Nozomi staff had in being there, representing our Project, and taking pride in the work of their hands.  

I became teary-eyed in watching our staff take ownership -- answering questions, doing short interviews for some local media, and really being a team together. They have a lot to be proud of!   More beautiful things.

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  • Jul 05, 2013

    I have been blessed to have sit and listen to the video with tears in my eyes to see the work of the Lord be shared in action with people struggling to realize their is hope in this challenging life. It is beautiful that out of devastation comes the awesomeness of a God who loves us more than we could ever imagine. I thank Sue and her family for reaching out and touching the lives of women who certainly had the love of Christ in them but needed to see it in action.
    I pray that project Nozomi prospers and that others learn from this lesson of love. I pray that through the gaining of the hope in a God who sees life beyond what we see that these beautiful ladies will also be a light to others with what they do. It isn’t about the money, though it helps. It is about the love that each shares with each other with they stories of HOPE NOZOMI.

    — Sandra Keonaonaokamaileopanaewa Claveria

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