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Weeding Day

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It was really awesome to see our Nozomi team come together to pull weeds and pick up trash in our parking lot and our community!  Despite discovering many more bugs and spiders than we would have wished, we were thankful for the whole team working together and we loved how everything looked at the end!  Nice job, Nozomi staff!

Afterwards, we enjoyed some ice coffee, cold tea, and snacks.  Cheers to working together and making something more beautiful than it was before!


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  • Jun 11, 2014

    My husband and I did some weeding recently too. We did our own yard – ( – and then also the neighborhood one ( We ended up with poison ivy unfortunately!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!! When we come back to Japan sometime in the future, it would be wonderful to be able to visit you all!!

    — Debby

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