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Ways to Remember, Ways to Forget on 3/11

Today is the third year anniversary since the triple disaster crashed through this region.  This year, the prefecture of Miyagi made it a school day off.  This has posed a problem for many parents, because most businesses remained open.  

At the Nozomi Project, we decided to give as many options as possible -- those who wanted to work, could do so;  of course those who needed to be home with family could choose that way; we also offered childcare for any moms who wanted to bring their children.  

At 2:30 pm, some of us gathered in front of the Nozomi House to remember.  Some chose to keep working, finding it easier to handle today with as much normalcy as possible.

Outside, we prayed in honor of those who had died, and for those who are still living but grieving so much.  Just before the sirens began blaring at 2:46, the mail lady pulled up in her little red truck.  We had her come and join our circle.

After the silent prayer time as the siren reverberated around the region, we planted a tree in honor of the Nozomi loved ones, and those from Ishinomaki, who passed away three years ago. 

 It is a special kind of camellia tree -- it starts out small but our hope is that it will continue to grow and grow, bringing forth beautiful flowers and vibrant green leaves.


Please continue to pray for all of the women of the Nozomi Project and their families.  There are many different needs;  many different ways of expressing and dealing with the pain and the grief that remains.  We are thankful for their courage, and that God is planting many new and beautiful things in all of our lives.

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  • Mar 12, 2014

    Dear Friends, I am ,living now in Heidelberg, germany. This morning at 6:30 am we gathered at our chapel to have a service, a memorial for Tohoku. I had the feeling of joining the people in Tohoku in our commen quest for peace.
    Peace be with you. Kiyoko and Paul Schneiss.

    — Paul Schneiss

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