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This Week's Staff Picks!

This Week's Staff Picks!

Every day new pottery pieces emerge and become something beautiful in the hands of the Nozomi Project staff. Each week we're going to give you an inside look at the items they are excited about. In each post we'll feature one staff member and her favorite piece she came across that week. This week Chiemi shares why she loves these sushi-themed Mika Rings.

This week's featured items: 


"My favorite Nozomi pieces right now are the sushi series from the Mika Ring Collection! We were going to make them into necklaces, but we thought rings would be more fun and unique. Next we plan to make cucumber roll Sara earrings, so keep an eye out for them!" - Chiemi


Sushi is served! These unique rings came from pottery used at a sushi restaurant. They're sure to catch the eyes of friends and be a conversation starter!


Both Coco Rings and Mika Rings are adjustable so that they fit your finger perfectly. We're always adding new pieces to each collection!



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This week's featured items: 
Sushi Rings 13-588. 13-589. 13-590.
Coco Rings 52-153. 52-146. 52-149. 52-155.
Mika Rings 13-592. 13-595.

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