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This Week's Staff Picks

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This Week's Staff Picks


Every day new pottery pieces emerge and become something beautiful in the hands of the Nozomi Project staff. Each week we're going to give you an inside look at the items they are excited about. In each post we'll feature the favorite piece of one of our staff that she came across that week. This week Hiromi shares why she loves the new Organic Collection.

Here are this week's featured items:

"I really love the Organic Collection because when I began working at Nozomi Project, we had already moved towards creating items with a more finished look. The Organic Collection features the 'as-is' look of Nozomi's earliest pieces, but they are all new to me!"

The Organic Collection features pieces that maintain the unpolished, broken pottery look that is reminiscent of Nozomi Project's first accessories. Our jewelry artisans use grinding machines just enough to make these pieces safe and smooth to the touch without losing the natural, broken pottery feel.

Each piece is organically one-of-kind, and allows the beauty of the pottery to speak for itself. We feature various styles, each piece priced according to the collection.


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This post's item list:
Ai Organic 19-669
Saya Organic 12-1229

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