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The Potential of Beauty in Brokenness

The Potential of Beauty in Brokenness

This week our Nozomi team received the most precious of gifts - an amazing watercolor painting done by an amazing artist!  Carrie Waller (carriewallerfineart.com) lives with her family in Japan, and through a special friendship with us we have had numerous times to connect.  Carrie generously offered to paint a picture for Nozomi Project that represents who we are.  We absolutely love how this painting represents all of the potential of beauty in brokenness! 

Carrie brought her two boys and another Nozomi friend from Tokyo, and it was interesting to see our surroundings through the eyes of friends who have never been here before They were sobered by the many places that still show the foundations of homes that were washed away in the 2011 tsunami, such as this fishing village surrounding one of our favorite cafes by the ocean (HamaguriHama).

It was while exploring here that her son started digging around, and not surprising, found handfuls of broken pottery.  (People ask if we are still finding pottery -- the answer is yes!)

 As friends of Nozomi reach out to us;  as customers share their stories or receiving hope; as our staff continue to find healing and community at the Nozomi Project, we see so much potential in beauty from brokenness!

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  • Nov 17, 2017

    I first heard of your ministry through a devotion in The Daily Bread. I was mesmerized by the beautiful things you were making out of broken shards of pottery and glass. May God continue to bless your ministry of beauty out of ashes.

    — Jenny Johnson

  • Nov 17, 2017

    Dear Sue and staff at Nozomi project.

    I have been admiring your jewelry many times, but never ordered any. However, I just celebrated my 80th birthday and my daughters (Bonnie Six and Janice Seagraves) gave me several pieces of your work. I love them and am so delighted to own and wear something “beauty from brokenness” Wish is really a apt picture of what our God makes of our lives when surrendered to Him. God bless you all.

    — Ethel Miller

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