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Beauty from Partnerships...

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We are excited to introduce to you some new sets that we think you will love as much as we do!  We got together with Megumi Project, our sister organization, and pulled together some beautiful sets that were modeled by our combined staff.  The Megumi Project is newly established in the next town over - bringing hope and dignity to women in Onagawa as they remake beautiful vintage kimonos into scarves and other lovely accessories. Over the next ten days you will see some of the amazing results of scarves paired with some of the lovely accessories at Nozomi Project.  To make it easier to purchase from both of our organizations, we are setting up a discount code for those who purchase from one of our organizations to be able to receive free shipping from the other organization.  (You will receive your free discount code by email when you make a purchase from either organization).  We are displaying some of our favorite combinations - feel free to find your own!  Enjoy your shopping experience here, as well as at the Megumi Project.  

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