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A Chance to honor Taylor Anderson's Memory...

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A Chance to honor Taylor Anderson's Memory...

We were so thankful for the chance at Nozomi to meet the parents of Taylor Anderson and to honor her memory! Visiting for just a few days from their home on the east coast of the United States, Andy and Jean were able to come by and meet some of our Nozomi team members.

Taylor is a local Ishinomaki hero. She was serving as an English teacher for elementary school children in this region when the 2011 earthquake hit. She made sure to get all of the children in her care to safety, and then began to bike home when the tsunami came and took her life. She was greatly loved by our city and her loss has affected many on both sides of the ocean. Her family and friends have created an NPO so her legacy can continue (read more here), and we are pleased to honor her life with the naming of our latest Nozomi necklace

We loved it that Jean picked out one of our new Taylor necklaces - it looks great on her! We also were able to make a donation from Nozomi Project to help the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund continue to purchase books for children in schools across this region. 

During their visit, several of our Nozomi staff were able to share their memories of Taylor and her legacy. We loved it when our teammate E. shared that her two daughters had had Taylor as their teacher in 2010-2011, and how fondly they had spoken of their English teacher. Others shared how their children have benefited from the Taylor fund that has helped give wonderful new variety to their school libraries. 

We are so thankful for this partnership, and hope it's a chance to further the memory and legacy of a remarkable young woman. 

Comments on this post (2)

  • Mar 27, 2019

    What a story and a wonderful project the Nozomi project is – taking the broken and crafting into something beuutiful to help heal pain. Taylor’s memory being honored in such a way would give strength to her family and friends.

    Taylor made sure her students were safe and she paid the ultimate sacrifice. I’m sure she is very proud of her life work and the children she took to safety will go on to do wonderful things always remembering her. X
    Rest In Peace beautiful Taylor. Thank you Nozomi project for honoring people like Taylor.

    — Nicole

  • Mar 26, 2019

    Hi, Chad/editor.

    Just a quick question…do you mean “had had Taylor” in this sentence?

    “We loved it when our teammate E. shared that her two daughters had had Emi as their teacher in 2010-2011, and how fondly they had spoken of their english teacher.”

    Will pass the word about the project. Thanks!

    — Rose Tanasugarn

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