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Reflections from a Nozomi mom...

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Reflections from a Nozomi mom...

"At the time of the disaster, my children were still small. In the days that followed, even a small earthquake would make them very frightened.  Recently, however, smiles are coming out and they are discovering themselves again. My oldest daughter, Y., says that she wants to rcount 3/11 to younger children so that no one forgets... "(cont'd below)


"For me, Nozomi Project is truly a happy location for me. Before now in the places I worked, I would often think 'Idon’t want to go.'  There are many types of working women relationships in other workplaces, but here at Nozomi Project we form friendships in our working relationships.  Following the disaster and before finding work, my body shuddered at the smallest earthquake and my stress piled up, but after starting at Nozomi Project, my stress was able to find an outlet. Nozomi Project is a very happy place for me."


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