We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support! We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support!

From Ukraine to Uruguay

From Ukraine to Uruguay

All of us need to know that what we are doing matters.  

Today was a great chance for all of us at the Nozomi Project to see the bigger picture, and to realize that the sum is always greater than its parts.

We bought a large wall map of the world, and using pushpins, we marked the countries where we have sent Nozomi products.  As different women looked for the countries that were called out, we were so moved!


"New Zealand!"

"Ukraine!" ("Where's that?")

"Uruguay!"  (and where's that again?)

And then, "United Arabs Eremites!"  

 We had to have a few geography lessons to find some of the lesser-known countries....All told - Nozomi Project has had a chance to send products around the world to 25 (TWENTY-FIVE!) different countries!  That is too wonderful.  

 I shared in our meeting that what I love about our set-up here at Nozomi Project is that no one makes one piece of jewelry from start to finish;  rather about eight staff are involved in making one piece.  We are all part of the process.... Collectively, we are ALL part of sending hope to places like Indonesia, Brazil, and Canada.  

And once that product arrives in a mailbox across the world, hopefully there is a new proud owner who wears/displays their Nozomi product, and tells the story of Nozomi Project.  And thus the message of hope continues...

Thank you, dear customers, for helping to take our humble story to the ends of the earth.  We feel truly blessed. 

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