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Tokyo (Yakota Air Force Base) Sale!

Tonight three of our Nozomi Staff returned from Tokyo.  They had gone for the weekend and sold our products at the Yakota Air Force Bazaar.  We had a record one-day sale yesterday!  

Then this morning the three of them had a chance to participate in Grace Christian Fellowship's worship service.  It sounds like it was really meaningful for each of them.  Then, thanks to the persistence of the Bazaar staff, the Nozomi Project made an unexpected return to the base and sold products for three more hours.  

We are so thankful for the friends from this great church who did so very much to help our team to do this sale -- setting up, selling together, hosting overnight, treating to Mexican food, driving us to and from the station -- we were so blessed and amazed by your love.  Thank you.

And we are also humbled by the interest that continues for the Nozomi Project!  Thank you to many who buy our products,  wear them proudly, and continue to share about us with your family and friends.  

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