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Stories from Nozomi Project...

Stories from Nozomi Project...

We love this blog post done by the Ethical Unicorn. Do you know the answers to the following questions?  Read this excellent post and find out!

  • How are the names decided for each style?
  • what is the process of making a piece of jewelry?
  • What are some of the milestones of the Nozomi Project?
  • How is the idea of hope changing for the Nozomi team?
  • What does community look like to the Nozomi women? 

Here is a wonderful quote from one of our staff:

‘I really love looking at a piece at pottery and thinking “how could this become jewellery?” It’s amazing that something dirty and ugly can actually become something really beautiful.’

Check out the beautiful photos and this article and other great blogs by the Ethical Unicorn!





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