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Ripples of Hope: Typhoon and the Tsunami Anniversary

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Ripples of Hope: Typhoon and the Tsunami Anniversary

As we approach the nine-year anniversary of the 2011 tsunami and earthquake, we take joy in finding new ways to pass on hope. 

This past October, Typhoon Hagibis, the costliest Pacific storm on record, tore through Japan and caused tremendous destruction. The wind and flooding was reminiscent of the destruction of the tsunami, triggering PTSD and further trauma. 

One friend of Nozomi in a nearby community, Mrs. M., has loved what Nozomi is about, and wanted to bring hope into this recent tragedy. As the government trucks were going through her neighborhood to collect all of the ruined household items, she went ahead and told her friends and relatives about Nozomi Project. She collected their broken dishes and brought them to the Nozomi house, where we can repurpose the broken and make them beautiful. 

When her aunt and uncle heard about Nozomi, they donated several boxes of dishes that had been flooded and broken. Our Nozomi team, remembering their own losses from the 2011 disaster, made this couple some Christmas ornaments from their donated goods. Our new friends had originally planned to cancel Christmas celebrations this year, but decided that they would instead use these ornaments to celebrate the holidays with their grandchildren. Ohh, the wonderful ripples of hope!

One of Nozomi's core values is generosity. We donate 20% or more of our annual profits to other organizations in great need. Your purchases help make a difference in Ishinomaki, in the follow-up of disasters, and in the many places around the world where hope is desperately needed. 

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