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Kumamoto Collections & Connections

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Kumamoto Collections & Connections

One of the great joys of the Nozomi Project is the opportunities we've been given to model generosity and give hope to places where it is desperately needed.  Today we had a special opportunity to do just that!

A group of leaders from Kumamoto, Kyushu came to Ishinomaki and made a special visit to the Nozomi Project. This team has been leading a concerted effort in coordinating volunteers, funding, and projects for the people in the greater Kumamoto who were adversely affected by the double earthquakes this past spring.

Our staff had a chance to explain about the work of Nozomi:  we are hiring 15 local staff to make jewelry from broken pottery as a place to provide employment, community, and hope in this region that was devastated by the 2011 tsunami.  They took a tour, and we loved seeing how impressed they were by the beautiful products being made from what had been so broken!


A great highlight was the chance for our staff to present the Kumamoto representatives with a cash gift of $1500!  This was thanks to the purchases from our Kumamoto Collection (blue bracelet, pictured top) and the generous donations of many of you.  Thank you!  It is always a privilege to give;  it is always a special opportunity to see partnerships from around the world making a difference in places of special need.  

Nozomi Project is committed to continuing to give hope;  purchases from our 2016 Anniversary Necklaces are continuing to give hope as part of the purchase goes to disaster relief. We remain amazed at the many different way that hope springs up when we make beauty from brokenness.  

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