We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support! We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support!

Creative Partnerships

Creative Partnerships

We are so thankful for the creative partnerships that help Nozomi Project to be a rich social enterprise with many opportunities for growth.  Here are several examples:

-Last weekend we had a music recital for a number of Nozomi children. We are thankful for the different music teachers who have come to teach.

 The recital featured, among others, two budding violin players who were being taught by a staff from our sister organization, the Megumi Project, and one of our Nozomi jewelry artisans who has been teaching piano to the daughter of one of the other artisans.  

We also had a great time of growing and fun with a great team from LifeRay, Inc., a software firm that has come to volunteer for three years in a row.  We benefited so greatly from the synergy or working with their marketing team as we brainstormed and worked on new designs.

We had some great talks about how we could continue got partner together. 

Finally, we are so excited about our partnership with Carrie Roets-Waller, who has been painting a beautiful watercolor that so wonderfully represents Nozomi.  Here is a sneak peak -- more to be revealed next month!

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