Rose Ring

Our sterling silver 925K double-framed wrapped ring represents the finest of Nozomi artisanship! Two matching pottery pieces are carefully ground to perfect ultra-thin circles (each 6 mm) to fit inside the dual frames. While rings are sized by U.S. ring sizes (5,6,7,8), the wrapped style allows a bit of leeway for small sizing adjustments. (Band/shank width: 2.5 mm)  

Please note that ring sizes cannot be swapped. Click here for the custom order form

Each of our jewelry styles is named by one of our Nozomi team members in honor of a loved one. This ring was named from a submission by one of our Nozomi friends in honor of her grandmother! Our Nozomi team read through many amazing, moving submissions and chose Rose as a wonderful representation of a woman who has given hope and courage.  

Rose only finished the third grade, and after that had to work in the fields. She was set up with an arranged marriage that ended in abuse and heartache; from there Rose loved and cared for her seven children as a single mom. She chose to walk the road of forgiveness, and was able to overcome many challenges through loving deeply. She had almost no money, but still fed and provided for those who came to her door. Her granddaughter Mara shares about the many summers that she spent with her grandmother, getting away from her family and finding a place where she was loved and felt special. 

There are many wonderful reasons why Rose was chosen to be a model of hope and courage: the ability to overcome the many challenges of life, the conscious decision to forgive, and the choice of loving deeply are themes that resonate with all of us as we choose role models in our lives.  

We love the way this ring wraps around the finger, reminding us how bonding with wonderful girls and women like Rose significantly shapes our lives.