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2019 Christmas Ornaments

2019 Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is the season of giving! Nozomi Christmas Ornaments are truly gifts that keep on giving. Below are our two classic Nozomi ornaments styles: single-shard and mosaic.

If you'd like to swap the jump ring for one that can be converted to a necklace, please indicate that in the comments section of your cart (prior to checkout). Some of our customers have pioneered the movement of wearing Christmas ornaments year-round as necklaces, and we couldn't love the idea more! 

Note: The second image (shown on hover) may display colors more true-to-life.

Ai Necklace

Ai Necklace

The Ai is an original design by Yuko, our own Nozomi jewelry designer. It contains a dazzling display of translucent color. Gracefully fashionable, each necklace contains vibrant glass bead links and silver bead accents. Silver figaro style chain with lobster clasp closure. Approximately 28" in length. 

"Ai" means love in Japanese. One of the amazing things that has happened in Ishinomaki since the 2011 disaster is the great amount of love that has been mutually poured out between volunteers from around the world and the beautiful people of Ishinomaki. This necklace name is a great reminder of the special bonds that exist between so many who continue to be a part of the ongoing work of restoration.

Aki Necklace

Aki Ornate Necklace

Noa Bracelet (14-137)

All Bracelets

Sara Earrings (3-5587)

All Earrings

Taylor Necklace (68-402)

All Necklaces

Mika Rings (13-971)

All Rings

Anniversary Collection

Anniversary Collection

This year's Anniversary Necklaces are simply beautiful! Stunning pottery pieces have been hand-picked to nestle in rectangular bezels. These are perfect to layer with your favorites or to showcase on their own.

One of Nozomi's core values is giving back. Typhoon Hagibis, the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 60 years, caused flooding and landslides across Japan in mid-October. This story is intricately tied with Nozomi's - in fact, the morning of this collection's release, a woman donated some pottery to Nozomi which had been broken by the typhoon. A portion of the Anniversary Collection's sales will be donated to disaster relief. 

Chains: 15.5" with a 2.5" extender, 24K gold or .999 sterling silver plated. Wide bezel: 32.8mm x 11.6mm. Slim bezel: 32mm x 6.1mm. Both are 24k gold or .999 sterling silver plated; nickel-free. 

Aoi Bookmark

Aoi Bookmark

Our Aoi Bookmarks are named after one of our Nozomi daughters who loves to read. Brokenness has never been so beautiful. 

Ayaka Necklace

Ayaka Necklace


Cambodian Pottery Collection

Cambodian Pottery Collection

We made this limited collection in a variety of styles using some pottery from Cambodia. A portion of this collection's sales will be donated to a group in Cambodia that is working to rescue women and young girls from sex trafficking. Often, girls/women in their area have two viable employment options: sweatshops and the sex industry. 

Our partner group recently opened a safe house for survivors, and together we are exploring different employment and job-skill training opportunities. We are so excited about this partnership and the way that your purchases spread hope around the world!  Read our recent blog here

Each piece of jewelry we make at Nozomi Project is truly one-of-a-kind. It's a beautiful analogy for each woman - Nozomi staff, Cambodian trafficking survivor, and customers around the world. We are all inextricably connected and yet uniquely individual. What a beautiful paradox! 

View each product's description for details on material, weight, and size. 

Change things up! You can order our 2mm sterling silver collar or 4mm sterling silver collar (sold separately) to easily swap out the leather cord of your Juli Wire-Wrap Necklace!
Please note: This only works with Juli Wire-Wrap Necklace pendants.



Choose a gift that will be special for a lifetime! Customize your keepsake and tell a part of your story with our lovely silver charms. All our charms are now only $10! Sizes, shapes, and colors may vary with handcrafted items. Your favorite charms will add the perfect touch to any of the following options:

Please note: If you are purchasing charms along with two or more products, please use the comment box upon checkout to specify which products you would like attached together. (For example: charm bracelet A with 80-105 and charm numbers 83-1, 83-5, etc). We will attach them symmetrically with the framed pendant in the center of the bracelet, unless otherwise specified. Thank you!


Coco Ring

Coco Ring

Coco Rings demonstrate the amazing workmanship of our grinding staff. These adjustable rings will inspire compliments for years to come and will be a daily reminder of hope. Our ring options are sterling silver plated, antique gold, and antique silver in either a round or square frame. (Inner dimensions 13 x 3mm; brass shank and pewter bezel). Each ornate ring comes in a beautiful and sturdy gift box. 

Our unforgettable ring is as exquisite as its namesake! "Coco" is the daughter of one of our necklace makers, who is thrilled that this popular accessory is named after her. 



We have amazing cufflinks in several different styles!  Make a statement that suits you with cufflinks that are one-of-a kind, unique in all the world. Shards of pottery have been paired to form these gold or silver sophisticated and unique cufflinks.  Choose from our framed shards made from 24 K gold-plated or .999 sterling silver finish (antiqued silver or sterling silver plated), or our handcrafted designs. The outer dimensions of our framed square cufflinks are 21 x 21mm; outer diameter of our framed round cufflinks is 22mm. Our grinding staff take special pride in making sure that each cufflink is beautifully prepared with matching pottery. Each set comes in a high-quality gift box. 


Daiki Keychain

Daiki Silver Keychain

A striking unisex silver framed keychain will delight even the most difficult person on your shopping list. These one-of-a kind keychains are elegant and simple, serving as a daily reminder of the Nozomi message of hope and resilience. 

This is a rectangular bezel with measurements at 34x18mm; Silver-plated oval cabochon setting: 18x13mm.

Our signature keychain is named after one of our favorite boys in the world. Daiki, an energetic high-schooler with autism, is an awesome dancer whose cheerful welcome brings sunshine anywhere he goes. His mom is skilled necklace maker at Nozomi Project, and her resilience in light of many challenges over the years serves as a beautiful example to all of us.

Designer Greeting Card

Designer Greeting Cards

We are SO excited to introduce an additional way to spread hope! Our friend Lillian Huang, a professional calligrapher, has beautifully created five different card styles that make a wonderful personal addition to any gift. Each card is printed on high quality textured paper and comes with a matching envelope. For personalized messages being sent with a gift, please write in the comments box of your cart as you check out. $3 each. 

85-1    "happy birthday

85-2    "peace joy love

85-3    "courage, dear heart" -- Partial quote from a children's story by C.S. Lewis:  “But no one except Lucy knew that as it circled the mast it had whispered to her, 'Courage, dear heart,' and the voice, she felt sure, was Aslan's, and with the voice a delicious smell breathed in her face.”  (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader).

85-4    "The Lord will perfect all that concerns me" (Psalm 138:8).

85-5    "God can do all things -- far more than you could ever imagine" (Ephesians 3:20). 

Additional Donations (24-5)



Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Give the gift of choice with a Nozomi Project Gift Card! Let them find the accessories that they love the most. Perfect for office gifts, family, the person for whom it's hard to buy....

You, the purchaser, will receive the redemption code for your gift card purchase, sent to your email address. This will also come with a link to a beautiful photo and coupon that you can print out for ease in giving. You can attach any personal message at that time (because of the process, please do not include a personal message for your gift card when you check out). 

Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. All gift cards expire one year after purchase date. Cards come in amounts of $25, $50, and $100. 

To use your gift card, simply enter the code in the appropriate box during checkout. Tip: Copy-paste your code rather than typing it manually to avoid any typos.   

Haru Necklace

Haru Unisex Necklace

Haruna Necklace

Haruna Necklace

Beautifully framed pendants are encircled by 18" sterling silver snake chain (please specify in the comments line of your order if you prefer a 16" or 20" chain), attached with a thick sterling silver bail.

Square frame: 18x21mm; round frame: 19.8x23.6mm; rectangular frame:  34x18mm; Silver-plated oval cabochon setting: 18x13mm.

We also have a limited number of Haruna necklace and earring sets. See description by clicking on the individual product. 

When Haruna found out that this necklace was being named after her, she could hardly contain her joy. Haruna is the beautiful second daughter of one of Nozomi's artisans. She loved wearing the first sample that we made, and we know you will feel equally excited to share hope when you wear your Haruna necklace. 

Silver Taylor chain(29-9)

Individual Chains and Other Parts

Order from a selection of our beautiful chains or our sophisticated silver neck collar to make your pendant easily interchangeable between styles to fit your look! Choose from the options below:

29-1) Sterling silver or Gold-filled Rumi chain, 18". (Please specify in the comments section if you would prefer a 16" or 20" chain). Spring ring clasp. 

29-2) Sterling silver snake chain, 18" (Please specify in the comments section if you would prefer a 16" or 20" chain). Lobster clasp. 

29-9) .999 sterling silver-plated cable chain. Adjustable up to 33". Spring ring clasp.

29-12) Sterling silver collar necklace. 4.3mm 14 gauge, 4.7" wide, weight is 19.84 grams. Angled to lay across collarbone. 

29-13) 24 K gold-plated cable chain. Adjustable up to 33". Spring ring clasp. 

29-25) Sterling silver collar necklace. Sterling silver 2.5mm 20 gauge, 5" wide, weight is 8 grams.

Iyori Stud Earrings

Iyori Stud Earrings

Juli Wire Wrap Necklace

Juli Wire-Wrap Necklace

Our beautiful Juli Wire-wrap pendant is hung on a simple round black leather cord with a beautiful sterling silver clasp. Each pendant is intricately hand-wrapped by one our finest artisans with 20-26 gauge tarnish-resistant brass and/or silver wire. 

We also have several wonderful additional purchases to change the look of your wire-wrapped necklace. You can separately order some of our chains or our new sophisticated silver collar to make your pendant easily interchangeable between styles to fit your look.  Click here for pictures and prices.


(Please note: all wire will eventually tarnish, so we recommend that you keep your Juli necklace in the enclosed ziploc bag when it's not being worn. Please handle your necklace carefully as the wire, while firm, can be bent.  For more information on the care of your Nozomi necklace, please see our FAQ). Click on an individual item to see multiple angles. 

Watch our short video here of our staff Yuka wire-wrapping one of the necklaces. 

Kei Necklace

Kei Necklace

The Kei Necklace features a petite framed pendant that is both classic and also reflects the amazing workmanship of our grinding team. Skillfully ground down to less than 1mm thickness, the pottery piece is framed in a 35mm x 6mm 24K gold or .999 sterling silver plated bezel, with a delicate cable chain (also 24K gold or .999 sterling silver plated) that is 16 inches with a 2 inch extender. We proudly say - necklaces don't get more beautiful!

The name Kei was chosen in honor of one of our Nozomi team children, a 14 year old girl. Kei-chan was adopted from a broken family situation, and she is such a great reminder to us of the beauty that can came from brokenness. She is sensitive and kind, and we are thrilled that this necklace is named in her honor! 

Kikuko Necklace

Kikuko Necklace

The Kikuko necklace is named after a dear Ishinomaki friend who is a grandma, friend, helper, and chef. Before the tsunami, Kikuko-san worked as a fishing net mender. Her skills proved helpful, and she was one of the fastest at stringing these necklaces when we first designed them. In the early days, the Nozomi "workshop" was in Kikuko's neighborhood, and she frequently brought over breakfast for everyone. Kikuko doesn't work for us anymore, but her kind and generous legacy lives on! 

Smooth semi-precious stone beads are strikingly beautiful and matched with smoothed pendants to create this elegant necklace. Silver toggle clasp. 18” long.


Kumiko Necklace

Kumiko Necklace

Ayaka Necklace (17-2246)

Leather & Satin

Mako Choker

Mako Choker

Our Mako choker design is chic and simple, a perfect example of beauty in brokenness. Young and old love this! Our one-of-a-kind round framed pendants are hung on durable round black leather (14") and attached with a 2" adjustor to let you choose your length. Each pendant is hand-chosen from our collection of Ishinomaki pottery and handmade by our Nozomi artisans. They're priced affordably, so choose one for you and one for a friend! 

Mako is named for one of our team member's daughters. We love watching her grow up, knowing that she represents the hope of the generations living in Ishinomaki. 

Matching Sets

Matching Sets

We heard you! We created some matching sets so you don't have to go searching! Some of our most popular styles feature matching pendants and earrings, and we are so excited. Find product descriptions/specifications for each set using the links below:

1) Natsuko Collar Necklace & Sara Earrings

2) Aki chain necklace & Sara Earrings (Click here if you would like to separately purchase a sterling silver 4mm Collar Necklace.)

3) Rumi necklace & Sara Earrings (The necklace comes on an 18" chain unless otherwise specified. Other options include 16" or 20" chains). 

4) Mei bar necklace & Mei chain earrings

5) Mei lariat necklace & Mei chain earrings

All of our matching sets can only be sold in pairs.  We have several pairs of blue and white cufflinks matching these sets which may be purchased separately.


Mei Bar Necklace

Mei Bar Necklace

We adore our Mei Bar Necklace, and we are sure you will love it too. We've designed our bar necklace at 16" with a 3.5" extender chain attached in the back to allow you to make it your perfect length.  

(The second photo of each product shows a sample of the back side of a Mei Bar necklace, clasped at the shortest possible length, being modeled for length purposes.) 

Mei Chain Earrings

Mei Chain Earrings

Our Mei earrings will become your favorite earrings, we are quite sure. These framed triangle pendants feature matching one-of-a-kind stunning pottery, and each triangle frame is hung on a 0.75 inch (2 cm) delicate sterling silver or 14k gold filled chain. View each product's description for details on material, weight, size, and length options.

Mei Lariat Necklace

Mei Lariat Necklace

Wear style and class with our versatile Mei Lariat Necklace! Wrap, tie, or loop this long and beautiful sterling silver/gold-filled chain through the round hammered loop. Wear it with everything from a tee-shirt to your favorite little black dress!

(The second photo of each product shows the back of a Mei Lariat pendant for length purposes). 

Total Necklace Length:  80 cm (32 inches)

Round Hammered Ring:  19mm (0.7 inches)

Triangle charm: 21.7 x 24.8 x 4mm (outer dimensions) 

Silver Necklaces: Chains are sterling silver; triangle charms are .999 fine silver-plated; hammered rings are sterling silver. 

Gold Necklaces: Chains are finest 14k gold-filled; triangle charms are 24K gold-plated; hammered rings are gold-filled. 

Mika Ring

Mika Adjustable Ring

Mika is one of our favorite Ishinomaki women who represents so much of what we love about the Nozomi women -- brave, kind, and an amazing mom. Her favorite Nozomi product is the Mika ring; every day she looks beautiful wearing it!  We have two styles of adjustable Mika rings -  silver or gold rim surrounding the pottery piece, or some options feature the hand-shaped piece of pottery mounted on top. Adjustable to fit any size. Silver or gold plated.  Each of our one-of-a-kind rings comes in a beautiful, sturdy gift box. 


Misa Cuff Bracelet

Misa Cuff Bracelet

We are full of love for our unique Misa Cuff Bracelets. Adorned on both sides by delicate pottery, these are challenging jewelry pieces for our grinding team.

The cuff is 3.2mm in width. The triangle frame has the outer dimensions of 15 x 15 x 2.5mm. The circle bezel has an outer dimension of 8mm in diameter and a 2.5mm depth.

Misa Cuff Bracelets can be gently bent to open wider to place on your wrist, and then closed on your wrist by bending the ends closer together. Please be gentle so as to avoid bending the bracelet out of shape. 

Materials: pure copper-plated; 24k gold-plated, or 0.999 fine silver-plated. Cuff bracelet base is brass, bezel frame is pewter. 

Moeka Necklace

Moeka Necklace/Bracelet Combo

Natsuko Silver Collar Necklace

Natsuko Silver Collar Necklace



Noa Bracelet

Noa Bracelet (Limited Collection!)

Bring on beautiful! Using precious gemstones, quartz crystals, and silver or gold accents, these bracelets are stunning examples of Nozomi craftsmanship. 

Noa Bracelets are named after the daughter of our staff member, Tomoko. She is as beautiful as these bracelets. Read Noa's mom's profile here.  

Our gemstones include: smoky quartz, carnelian, brandy opals, agate, labradorite, and others. A round pottery piece is centered in 24 K gold-plated or 0.999 sterling silver-plated bezels. Length adjuster attached; maximum length about 9". Bracelet length may vary slightly depending on gemstone sizes. 

Nodoka Bracelet

Nodoka Bracelet

Nodoka Necklace

Nodoka Necklace

Nozomi Charm (Holding Hope)

Nozomi Charm (Holding Hope)

We've taken our latest Nozomi necklace and made it into a simple charm! Add one-of-a-kind framed broken pottery to your favorite necklace, bracelet, keychain, etc. We have hand selected our smallest and most beautiful shards, encased each in resin, and framed it perfectly in a petite bezel. Holding hope!

We love that this charm is easy to buy, easy to wear, and easy to give! Because this is our quintessential necklace of hope, we are donating $2 of every purchase to freeing women and children from human trafficking in Japan. Please check the donation page for specifics of our giving, updated at the end of each fiscal year. 

Each charm is beautifully packaged with a special message card of "holding hope" that briefly describes the Nozomi "beauty in brokenness" process as well as the $2 donation we are making. Thanks for being part of giving hope!

Please note: Each charm comes with a jump ring; if you would like a (larger) lobster clasp attached, please write a note in the comments section of your shopping cart. 

Click here for our Nozomi Necklace collection, in which each charm is sold on a sterling silver or gold-filled chain.