Nodoka Bracelet

Introducing our original Nodoka bracelet!  Inspired by our Nozomi's original signature line, our adjustable 7" - 8" adjustable bracelet contains beautiful blue lapis, and each designs may also include crystal quartz, moonstone, and freshwater pearls. Each bracelet is centered with a one-of-a-kind traditional beautiful oval framed pendant (antique gold: 24 k Gold plated; antique silver: .999 silver plated). $43. 

Find our newly updated Nodoka necklace here:  https://nozomiproject.com/collections/nodoka-necklace-renewal

Nodoka is named after the daughter of one of our staff.  Her smile melts our hearts, every single time.  She loves wearing her own Nodoka necklace, and she and her brother have helped collect some beautiful shards for our project.