Juli Wire-Wrap Necklace

Our beautiful and most popular Juli Wire-wrap pendant is hung on a simple round black leather cord with a beautiful sterling silver clasp. Each one-of-a kind pendant is intricately hand-wrapped by one our finest artisans with 20-26 gauge tarnish-resistant brass and/or silver wire. 

We also have several wonderful additional purchases to change the look of your wire-wrapped necklace. You can separately order some of our beautiful chains or our new sophisticated silver collar to make your pendant easily interchangeable between styles to fit your look!  Click here for pictures and prices.


(Please note: all wire will eventually tarnish, so we recommend that you keep your Juli necklace in the enclosed ziploc bag when it's not being worn. Please handle your necklace carefully as the wire, while firm, can be bent.  For more information on the care of your Nozomi necklace, please see our FAQ). Click on an individual item to see multiple angles. 

Watch our short video here of our staff Yuka wire-wrapping one of the necklaces.