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Nozomi Magnet (92-2082)

$10.00 USD

Our new Nozomi magnets are the perfect gift, souvenir, or "just because!" purchase. Priced affordably, these heavy-duty magnets are a wonderful way to pass on hope --- to yourself or someone else.  Our quirky and beautiful magnets are made from one-of-a-kind pieces of pottery which have been gathered after the 2011 tsunami and/or donated to our Ishinomaki workshop from around the city.  Our grinders have taken care of the rough edges, while leaving a beautiful organic feel to each piece. Some of our magnets have the Japanese kanji for "hope" beautifully inscribed with calligraphy by one of our staff. Each magnet purchase is packaged in a beautiful felt Nozomi bag. Sold in sets of one, two, or three magnets. $8 and $10.