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Misa Cuff Bracelet (48-584)

$45.00 USD

We know why cuff bracelets have been the chosen style of women throughout human history. We are full of love for our unique Misa bracelets!  Our new Misa bracelets, adorned on both sides by delicate beautiful pottery, were the most challenging jewelry pieces to date for our grinding team. They have exceeded all expectations -- we are quite sure that Cleopatra, Jackie O., and even Wonder Woman would be in love with our Misa Cuff Bracelet!  $43

The cuff is 3.2mm in width. The triangle frame has the outer dimensions of 15 x 15 x 2.5mm; the circle bezel has an outer dimension of 8mm in diameter and a 2.5mm depth.

(Our Misa cuffs can be bent to open wider to place on your wrist, and then closed on your wrist by bending the ends closer together.)

Bracelet options (limited availability): pure copper-plated; 24k gold-plated, .999 fine silver-plated.