[ Jewelry Artisan ]


“Normal is best. If I can live a normal life, I’m happy.”

It’s been six years since the disaster. I've been able to see how Ishinomaki has developed since then and it looks like a new place now. Well, I didn’t lose my home in the tsunami and I have been able to live a pretty normal life since the disaster. Normal is best. If I can live a normal life, I’m happy.

I heard about Nozomi from the mother of my daughter's friend. She saw an ad for Nozomi at the supermarket and told me about it. Before that, I had no idea there was a jewelry-making business here. During the interview process, they had me try three different work stations; grinding, crafting, and packaging. After observing my work, Sue chose my job for me. Right now, I work as a crafter: I piece together necklaces and earrings. I love all the products that Nozomi makes! For me, the ones that I feel are easiest to pair with normal, everyday clothes are the earrings and Mako chains. My favorite part about Nozomi is how everyone gets along so well and has fun with each other (laughs). I love that about Nozomi. I want more more people to know about us. In Japan, even in Ishinomaki, there are still a lot of people that don’t know about Nozomi. So I want us to be more known.

My hobby is sewing. Right now, I’m making masks for my children. It’s nothing special but I really enjoy it.