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Support Kumamoto Recovery!


Our hearts in Ishinomaki are broken for the people of Kumamoto, who continue to struggle from the two eartquakes and subsequent hundreds of aftershocks that have occurred in southern Japan the past week. Our staff and friends in Ishinomaki all too well remember and understand the pain and challenges of such a tragedy striking their region. Some of our women are experiencing PTSD as they see pictures and hear stories; one of our staff said she slept in her clothes the other night because that was what she did five years ago after the triple disasters hit here.

Nozomi Project as a team is choosing to donate 50% of the proceeds from our Kumamoto Collection (a variety of Nozomi favorites combined into one collection!). We also encourage donations that will go directly to Kumamoto Earthquake Recovery, being supervised by our parent organization, Be One Tohoku Aid. We have three teams with Be One on the ground in Kumamoto, able to assess the needs and bring necessary goods, food, and hope to the people who are there.