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Waza-Waza Party Pack Return Policy


Return Policy:

  1. Returned jewelry must be without damage,* postmarked within 45 days of last event (as indicated on the Partner Sales Record included in your shipment), and in its original packaging displaying the correct SKU number.** The partner will pay for the insured return shipping costs.
*As with all jewelry, Nozomi Project accessories will tarnish over time, especially if not kept in a clean, dry place. If you are hosting an outdoor event or are in a humid climate, please pay particular attention to leather items as they sometimes begin to "sweat" inside their packages. If you notice this, please use a paper towel to dry the pieces and remove them from direct sunlight. Any pieces that are broken, tarnished, molded, or damaged will not be refunded.
**Each piece of jewelry will be priced and have a sku-number. The picture invoice will display each piece of jewelry and its sku-number. We recommend checking off each piece of jewelry as it sells on the picture invoice so that you have a list of the pieces you are returning with their sku-numbers. (This is helpful in the event that a piece somehow gets separated from its price tag.) At the end of the sale, please make a copy of the picture inventory and return it with any jewelry you wish to return.
  1. Please use the pre-addressed package and checklist to send any items by insured mail to our U.S. representative.

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