We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support! We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support!


"Hi!  I love your pieces.  I received one of your pieces for Christmas and am in love…"  -Erin T.

"My mom LOVED her Nozomi necklace.  I ordered it for my dad to give to her.  He was so happy she got something she loved and believe me, she will tell everyone she see about your work!"  -Anne P., Leesburg, VA

[To the Nozomi Staff]… "We are in California, USA and bought a beautiful piece of jewelry that you made.  Thank you for making something beautiful from such devastation.  We know there is much healing in Japan.  We came there in October 2011 to help in relief work and now have a special place in our hearts for Japan and its people.  We are praying for you, that God will fill you with new hope…"    -S & D

"Love you guys and how my sweet brother and sis-in-love incorporated your jewelry in their wedding! Sharing you with as many as I can.  Many blessings!  -Marlies B.

"This is an amazingly touching gift to me and to the people it supports. I couldn't think of a more beautiful and thoughtful present to receive. Not only are fish my most favourite animal, and pottery and handmade items something I greatly admire and appreciate, the fact that this little piece of jewelry is helping women get their lives back so they are able to support themselves just blows my mind. The stories and history all wrapped up in that little ceramic piece is incredible. I can't wait to share the story with the people close to me and help bring awareness to what they've accomplished! " 

のぞみのネックレスをシークレットサンタ(送り主の名前は伏せた贈り物)からのプレゼントとして受け取られた方がコメントをくださいました。このプレゼントは私と支援する方々にとって、とても心を動かすものでした。これ以上美しくて思いやりのあるプレゼントはありません。お魚がわたしの大好きな動物であることも、陶器を使っていて手作りである点もとてもとても素晴らしいのですが、この小さなジュエリーが、女性たちが自立した生活を取り戻すために実際に役に立っていることにすごく感動しました。小さなセラミックのジュエリーにつまっているそれぞれの実話や歴史に本当に心を動かされます。わたしの身近な人たちにすぐにでもこのことを伝えたいと思います。そしてみなさんの素晴らしいプロジェクトを知ってもらえいたいと思います。  私のシークレットサンタに感謝です!素晴らしい贈り物でした。

" Beautiful necklaces made from the heart as a gift to the world…" -Mark M.

"I just wanted to tell you how thrilled everyone was with the necklaces I gave as gifts. My girls are thrilled and I have had multiple compliments for the one I kept for myself. Thank you for all the group's hard work to get them ready for Christmas gift giving. When I wear my necklace, it is a reminder to me of what God has done in my life; He took my shard of glass and has been polishing it for many years. Every day I get a little brighter (pun intended!). One day I will be a jewel! Thank you again!" ~ Cathi J., Moorestown, NJ

"I gave a pendant to Debi made by NOZOMI PROJECT. It was an ideal wonderful gift to my faithful friend! I wish I had some more!"  -Machiko W.

"Thank you, Tomoko san, for making the lovely jade-green necklace my husband bought for my birthday! I wore it today here in Orlando, Florida, and I'm already getting compliments and sharing about Nozomi Project with other ladies here. Thank you for blessing me!" -AMM

"Thank you for these precious pieces.  They are so special." ~ Barbara A., Northridge, CA

"ありがとうございます ちえこさん!わたしのながい necklaceがとてもだいすき!" Cathy L., Atlanta, GA

"My set arrived in the mail today.  The pieces are beautiful.  Thanks for sending them so quickly." ~ Jennifer F., Kobe, Japan

"I LOVE my Nozomi necklaces.  I can't tell you how many people have commented on my new necklace. I think Montana may become one of your biggest markets." ~ Hannah P., Whitefish, MT

"The necklaces arrived and they are just exquisite! My girls will pray for y'all every time they wear them!" ~ Lori H., Hartsville, SC

"I absolutely love wearing my Nozomi necklace any chance I get! I chose this one because our church has a tea set with the exact same print. Thank you for your incredible ministry!!! " -Hillary B.

"Here is the picture of the beautiful necklace I received. My husband got it for me for our anniversary. I LOVE it! (Of course I picked it out !"  -Donna W.

"Everything is so beautiful! Ordered a set and shared with all my friends." ~ Kathy K., Kapaa, HI

"I love the Nozomi project! The necklaces are stunning!" ~ Julie E., southwest Germany

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