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Our Line Names

Sara Earrings

These earrings are named after the beautiful daughter of one of our staff. Sara's family was one of the first that our team met after the 2011 disaster. She and her brother were bright spots in the middle of chaos; they were featured in a video made by Healing Hands that helped many from around the world understand the tragedy as it unfolded. 
Sometimes difficult times can create inseparable bonds. Sara loves her brother so much because of his special care of her and feels like she can do anything with him. Because she is so loved by him, she is able to give love to others. When you wear Sara earrings, we trust you too will feel the love intended as these were specially crafted by our Nozomi staff.

Iyori Stud Earrings 

Iyori-chan is the 6th-grade niece of one of our artisans. Mature for her age, she's fashionable and likes to dress up. Iyori used to love playing and dancing with her aunt. When her aunt got married and moved to Ishinomaki, her husband's hometown, she didn't get to see Iyori as often. But on a recent joint shopping trip, the two were so happy to shop, laugh, and reconnect. 


Rumi is named after the sister-in-law of one of our staff, Tomoko. Rumi is one of the unsung heroines of the 2011 tsunami. After the earthquake, she wanted to get home quickly from her part-time job to be with her three year old son and husband. But she offered to take her coworker home first to her co-workers family. She almost made it home -- within two blocks -- when the tsunami took her life. Her son is now being raised by his father and grandmother, Reiko.


We first met Ayaka at a Hawaiian luau party put on by a great team of volunteers from Hawaii. She was in preschool and oohhh so shy and cute! Ayaka came with her parents, and her mom shortly after that time began working at Nozomi Project. Despite many challenges, we admire the resilience of Ayaka, her parents, and so many people we have the privilege of knowing in Ishinomaki.