[ Packaging Technician ]

“There are so many fun people here!”

I heard about Nozomi Project from Yumi (another staff member at Nozomi). At Nozomi, I package the products and ship them out to people all over the world. I have been working here for almost two years. In the beginning, I was a bit overwhelmed by the challenge. It’s still challenging, even now, but I have come to really feel that this job is worth doing. My favorite Nozomi line is the Haruna Necklace. 

There are so many fun people here! We are always laughing… I think that’s my favorite thing about this place. I want more and more people to know about us. Even if they don’t own any of our products, I want this to be people to say “Yeah! I’ve heard of them!” when someone mentions our name.

My hope is for my children to grow up healthy. My youngest is a girl and I love having her help around in the kitchen, preparing for meals and making dessert together.