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Megumi Project, our sister organization

We are pleased to introduce you to Megumi Project, a social enterprise making fashion items from vintage kimono.  Onagawa is located next to us in Ishinomaki, a small town in the northeastern part of Japan that greatly suffered with the March 11 tsunami in 2011. Many lives were lost and the town destroyed. However, this is not the end of the story. This beautiful town, rich in natural resources and astonishing scenery, has so much potential. Visionary city leaders see the opportunity for a new beginning. People of peace have a heart for rebuilding the community, and young people have returned to their hometown with a dream of making it a place they are proud of. We are privileged to know these amazing friends and encouraged by their stories. It is out of our love for the people and the city of Onagawa that we have started…

Please check out their website here