[ Assistant Director ]

My favorite part of working at Nozomi Project is the relationships among the staff. As we were trying to clarify what type of organization Nozomi would be, we decided that we wanted to be a place that values both community and business. It's a challenge to balance both, but I think that is what makes Nozomi such a unique and rich place to work. Being here has given me the opportunity to get to know so many funny, strong, and talented women who take joy in what they are creating. I learn so much from them about service, quality, and teamwork.

I can usually be found in the office working on U.S. sales and correspondence. I love the HR part of my job that allows me to check in with the staff and hear about their challenges and successes.

Lora's Story:

I was living in Osaka at the time of the disaster. That happened on a Friday, and the following Sunday when we gathered for church we began brainstorming ideas for how we could send supplies. That turned into months of commuting back and forth between Osaka and Ishinomaki. In January of 2013 I decided to relocate with the intent of helping at Nozomi Project. The past four years have felt fast and so very deep, and I think they have been some of the most transformative years of my life. I love getting to be part of such a holistic organization.