We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support! We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support!


[ Jewelry Artisan ]



At Nozomi I work in the crafting room, making earrings and necklaces. Before working here, I had never worn any jewelry, much less made them! I feel so happy when I see our customers smiling after putting on one of our products. My recommendation is the Ai necklace - my personal favorite!

I think it would be wonderful if Nozomi could one day open a store. Right now, our online store is where we mainly sell our products, but having a store would allow us to connect and communicate with our customers directly. My oldest daughter has visited Nozomi ever since she was little and she told me she wants to make jewelry just like her mother. I think it would be lovely if the two of us could work together in the future.

Hiromi’s 3/11 Story:

I picked up my youngest from the preschool at 1:30pm. The two of us were home when the earthquake happened. The time of the earthquake overlapped with my oldest daughter’s dismissal time. Worried, I waited for the tremors to stop and headed to the elementary school. The children were all gathered in the school gym. We were debating whether to go back home or not but one child’s father insisted it would be better to stay in the gym so we stayed put. My sister went to pick up my mother from her home. Just when the two of them arrived back at the gym, the tsunami came. We stayed in the gym which served as an evacuation center for a couple of days afterwards. Because my children were still young, however, we decided to go back to my mother and sister’s home after that.


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