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[ Grinding Artisan ]

“I want to be able to embrace the future.” 

This is a season for me of choosing as a new, as my older daughter is going away to college at the end of this month [in the late 2010s]. I want to be able to embrace the future. I’m crying so much now but even through the tears I want to be able to move forward. It’s going to be such a hard road. I’m lonely even thinking of her leaving, but I will be full if she can have a great time. I don’t want her to worry about me. I really want her to be able to choose what she wants to do. We are really close. Just talking about it I feel lonely. It’s a new road for our family. I’m not really thinking or worried about what my daughters should study, but I want them to meet a lot of different people and have a broad range of experiences. It wasn’t like we pushed her to go to college, but it’s her wish so we want to help it to happen.

At Nozomi, my hope is that we can keep moving forward; as a team, that we can keep making new style and being successful. I love our grinding team – we have a great relationship and everyone works really hard at their job.