[ Grinder Artisan ]

“I can turn a broken thing into something beautiful.” 

At Nozomi, I work as a grinder artisan. I cut the pottery and make necklace and earring pieces out of them. I love that I can turn a broken thing into something beautiful. I want more and more people to know about Nozomi and I think it would be nice if we were able to expand.


Emi’s 3/11 Story:

When the earthquake hit, I was working. My children were still in school so I rushed there to pick them up. When I got there, the tsunami had already come. The teachers had everyone evacuate to the third floor of the school and that’s where we stayed that night. The latchkey club had some snacks that they keep in stock for the children; they distributed those so we wouldn’t be hungry. There was no electricity—it was dark and cold. We rubbed our children’s feet all night so they could fall asleep. It was so, so very cold. The next day, my husband came to pick us up and we evacuated to the mountains for about ten days. My parents’ house was in the inner part of the city so it wasn’t affected, but when they got to my house to look for me it was completely destroyed and they thought we had all died. They were so relieved when they found us on the mountain. We moved to their house and our extended family all lived together for several months.

My mother-in-law lived next door to the Huddlestons (BeOne). After the disaster, my mother-in-law became friends with them and they helped her fix up her house. I heard about Nozomi from Jennifer. After the tsunami, work was rare here; my husband and I both lost our workplaces. Just as I was looking for work, I heard about Nozomi and came.